My Vivus profile, how can I access it?

Have you made a loan request but you are not sure how you can access the information about it? Calm! Today’s article aims to learn to access Simon Net payday loans hayward. When you register with Vivus and request your first microloan with us, access to your Vivus profile is activated in the private client area, from which you can perform all the procedures related to both your customer profile and your loan history. in Vivus.

So you can access your Vivus profile



In order to access your Vivus profile, you only have to access through this link and insert your customer credentials. If you do not remember them, you can use the option ‘Reset password’ that you will find below the fields to be filled out. If you prefer, you can do it directly from the Vivus website. In the upper right part of the page, you will find a button called ‘Customer Area’. You just have to click it to directly access your Vivus profile.

What can I check in my Vivus profile?

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As we have spoken on numerous occasions, in Vivus we want to make your life easier, so many of the usual procedures related to your Vivus profile or your loans can be done from the customer area.

  1. Change your personal information or your account number. If you have changed your address or email address, you can make the change from your Vivus profile.
  2. Check your active discounts. It is very common that we reward our customers with discounts and benefits on their loans (in fact, that’s why the first one is free), so, from the Vivus customer area you can check if you can enjoy a discount at that time.
  3. Check the status of your loan: the amount you have to return, the date you have to return it, etc …
  4. Contract a term extension. As you probably know, if it does not suit you to repay your loan by the due date, you can contract an extension of 7, 14 or 30 days and postpone the payment of the loan in that way.
  5. Request an additional amount. If you have not yet reached your credit limit, from your Vivus profile you have the option to extend the amount of your loan comfortably and in a few seconds.
  6. Pay off your loan. Has the loan expiration date arrived or is it close? Since from your customer area Vivus you can easily pay off your loan with your credit card.
  7. Request a new loan. If you do not have any active loans or have returned the last one you requested, you can request a new credit.