Personal Credit Card Debt Management – Rein Within Rising Expensive Debts

When you have the need for a lot more cash than you actually have on hand, the situation can become the distraction in your day-to-day existence

And, when that need will become more and more intense, it can start to dominate your every waking up moment. Where will you obtain the cash you need?

Using the secured guaranteed personal loans for bad credit, you can find according to the security, which you are likely to provide the lender. You can get $5000 to $150, 000 with all the secured guaranteed personal loans regarding bad credit. In some other hand unsecured guaranteed unsecured loans for bad credit, there is absolutely no requirement of security. Therefore, all of the risks are for the loan companies. These types have fewer quantities than secured loans. You can get $250 to $75, 000 by making use of these for a bad credit score.

The only way you are able to submit this loan application is definitely online. Establish its dependability and competence. Read through their own reviews and ascertain they are highly dependable. It is also essential that you compare their rates of interest and settle for what you may comfortably pay for. It is also essential that you inquire as much information about their particular services prior to contracting together.

HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT LENDER? Once you apply for a personal loan, all you have to perform is to sign up some documents which bind you to spend on the costs that you borrowed, and then you’re ready to go. But just like other forms of loans, you have to stay with the mode of transaction that you signed up for or danger your name to be placed in the list of those who have poor credit histories again.

One of the ways that you can deal with minor events that require an immediate access to money is by applying for quick personal loans

They are much easier to obtain than you might think and if you happen to be scared of applying for anxiety about being turned down because of to your credit rating, then you should try anyway. Many people are approved for fast unsecured loans the very first time that they apply.

There are many reasons why shopping online can get you excellent rates on loans. There are numerous lenders on the Internet it is nearly impossible to not find one that will meet your requirements. You will easily find loan prices and terms that help you save all the money you need. Signing up to multiple lenders at the same time can provide you with the benefit of finding a lender that may offer you just what you are looking for.

The final choice is to use what are called payday loans to get the $10, 000 personal bank loan for bad credit a person seeks. This will probably create your credit worse since you will need between 10 plus 15 of these loans to access a full $10, 000. They are going to have to be paid back pretty rapidly so you will probably end up not really paying them and destroying your credit. However, when it is an emergency it is still a choice.

Fidor Bank


Fidor Bank AG, Sandstrasse 33, 80335 Munich

Hotline: 089/189 085 233 (local rate)


The German Fidor Bank AG is a direct bank from Munich. The bank offers customers a diverse range of products, combining classic products such as checking accounts with modern payment solutions. A dedicated web community enables direct communication between clients and bank advisers.

about the company

 about the company

Fidor Bank AG is still a very young direct bank listed on the stock market in 2007. Two years later, it obtained the full banking license and commenced operations. It has its origins in the Kölsch Kröner & Co. KG and later the “Piggy Bank Operations AG”. It was founded in 2003. The two founders of the bank, Martin Kölsch and Matthias Kröner, wanted to establish a “hands-on bench” with Fidor Bank AG as a contrast to the traditional banking houses. The two managers had previously gained experience as chair of HypoVereinsbank and DAB Bank.

The special thing about the founding is that it falls into the period in which consumers are becoming increasingly suspicious of financial institutions. Fidor Bank AG wants to eliminate this mistrust with the help of its concept, which is based above all on a strong integration of Web 2.0 elements. This includes, for example, the “community” idea that people can communicate with each other over the Internet. This exchange takes place at this money house between customers and employees of the bank within the “Fidor Community”.

Also financial transactions can be handled with the help of the community over the Fidor bank AG. This approach is also called “peer-to-peer banking”. In this case, the bank provides the infrastructure and the basis for the exchange and, for example, acts as a contractual partner for loans brokered through the “Smava” portal.

With almost 40 employees in Munich, Fidor Bank AG achieved a balance sheet total of almost 230 million euros in 2014.

“Social Banking”

Fidor Bank AG is increasingly relying on the internet not only as a direct bank. It sees itself as an innovator in the banking industry and defines itself as an important target group made up of those born between 1981 and 2000 who grew up with the Internet. The aim of the founders of the bank is to rebuild the customer confidence lost in the big banking crisis by openness, transparency and sense of community.

In this sense, Fidor Bank AG shapes the term “social banking” in a unique way, in which the social network concept is linked with the integrity of a full bank and customers and employees communicate with each other on an equal footing and exchange views.

Fidor Smart checking account

 Fidor Smart checking account

The free checking account of this bank is in many ways not comparable to a regular checking account. For example, transfers can also be made to e-mail addresses or Twitter accounts. You also have the opportunity to exchange financial information with other customers online through the Fidor community.

After the one-time legitimation and activation of the account, further products of Fidor Bank can be activated and used without further examination via mobile TAN procedure, such as the capital letter. However, the current account in its basic version without EC or Maestro card equipped, since only bank transactions or purchases over the Internet can be done with it.

Minimum cash receipt none
interest credit On credit
account management Online Banking
Account management fees No
Good to know After the single legitimation by Postident further products of this bank can be released by mouse click and mTAN.

How to open a Fidor Smart checking account:

  1. Register with this provider with your name and email address. You also define an individual password for your account.
  2. Legitimate yourself by the postident procedure.
  3. After successful legitimization your checking account will be unlocked. If you have opted for an Maestro and / or Mastercard account, you will receive these forms of payment separately by mail.

Internal community after account opening


After opening the account, you can take advantage of the Fidor community and join different groups. There, for example, you receive indications of attractive interest rates for savings products of the provider.


capital letter

 capital letter

With the Fidor Bank Capital Letter, private customers benefit from the advantages of investing with a subordinate agreement. You benefit from a fixed interest rate at a fixed term and a very low minimum deposit. However, there is no deposit insurance.

minimum deposit 100 euros
maximum deposit 100,000 euros
interest credit Monthly
account management Online Banking
Account management fees No
Good to know This product is not covered by the deposit insurance. In the event of Bankruptcy, all other creditors are serviced before the capital of subordinated financial products is reimbursed; Termination during the term is not possible

This product can be activated online immediately if the applicant has a checking account with this provider and the deposit amount is available.

More offers

 More offers

Fidor Bank AG offers its customers a number of innovative products that are not available at any other bank, such as this offer:

  • Money Emergency Call : If you have an account with Fidor Bank, you can apply for the “Money Assistance” option. You then have the opportunity in emergency cases quickly and unbureaucratically retrieve 100 euros per app or online banking in real time. The amount must be paid back within 30 days. If the repayment, including interest, was successful, you can later use 199 euros as a “cash emergency call” and pay back this sum including interest to the bank within 60 days. In order to use this service, you must fully authenticate yourself with a FidorPay account and insist on verification of a verified reference account by Fidor Bank AG. Alternatively, a minimum turnover of € 1,000 in the last 12 months is sufficient.
  • Crowdinvesting or social lending : If you use a current account of Fidor Bank AG, you can invest in projects or startups in the context of crowdinvesting and benefit from an attractive return. You also have the option of directly lending money to other individuals or businesses.